Gaglianese to pitch for Purdue


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Mike Gaglianese, a NEWSChannel 2 All-Star receiver, as well as a starter for the Notre Dame basketball team, has chosen to go to Purdue next year, to play baseball.  Gaglianese, who plays for both the Jugglers, as well as Adrean Post, will be a pitcher for the Boilermakers.

Gaglianese will get a half scholarship from Purdue, while he studies Science, possbily Physics.

Gags says he chose Purdue because of the size of the school, being in the Big 10, as well as the opportunities he'll have, both on and off the field.

"Baseball's always been my passion since I was little.  My dad brought me up loving baseball.  I have a good opportunity as a pitcher to go far with baseball."

But first, Gaglianese is continuing the basketball season with the Jugglers, followed by two local baseball seasons, between high school and legion.  His new coach at Notre Dame, Kevin Green, a 1993 graduate of the school, is excited for Gags.

"We've had several kids from ND high school that have gone on to play at Purdue and have very successful baseball careers, but also careers after baseball.  So I think for him, that's a real good blend."

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