Randall takes helm at New Hartford


NEW HARTFORD, N.Y. (WKTV) - There's a new baseball coach in New Hartford, John Randall, who also happens to be the coach of the Spartan Basketball team as well as the town's legion team.  Randall, who has been an assist in the past with the Spartans, and will be stepping down as the legion head coach after this year, is excited for his opportunity.

"We have a lot of parity, just not a lot of kids who have been out there at the varsity level," says Randall.  "They're excited to get out there and it's good that we have all that competition at all these positions, because the kids are trying that much harder to win the spot."

"I played legion for coach Randall the past two years and Brian Long was a good coach and I'm glad to have coach Randall," says senior OF/P Nick DeCrisci.  "Summer baseball is usually fun and to have him in the spring's a lot better."

"It's different," adds senior SS Vinny Servadio.  "Last year, Mr. Long had us here longer working on stuff, whatever we need to do.  Now we're in and out.  It's nice."

Like every other Mohawk Valley baseball team, coach Randall and the guys have to contend with the brutal spring weather here in Central New York.  On Monday they were indoors instead of out at Coor Field.  They're hoping that will change on April 12, when they're scheduled to open the season against rival Whitesboro.

"You're limited, you have to stay sharp on certain things and we try to make the best of it," says Randall.  "An hour or so, get the kids some swings, get the pitchers throwing, but there's nothing good about it."

"It's not fun being inside, a couple days we were outside even though it's cold, it's better than being in here," adds Servadio.  "Just got to wait it out."

Competing with the Warriors, who won the section and made it to the state final four last year, will be tough, but Randall and the Spartans are looking for a chance to prove themselves.

First pitch for the Whitesboro-New Hartford opener is set for 4:15 p.m.

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