Skaneateles Football scandal could automatically advance Notre Dame to finals


SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Notre Same Jugglers have found themselves in the middle of a high school football controversy Friday after the team they were scheduled to play, Skaneateles, is accused of cheating.

According to reports, the Skaneateles School District conducted a five-month investigation into their football program. That investigation found that coaches violated rules barring them from trying to recruit students from other schools. The investigation said that Skaneateles Football coaches tried to improperly recruit at least nine players from other school over the past two years.

Friday, Section 3 met and later called Notre Dame Athletic Director Gene Leuthauser telling him that the Jugglers' semifinal game against Skaneateles set for Saturday is suspended.

Leuthauser broke the news to Notre Dame Head Coach Byron Abraham. Abraham tells NEWSChannel 2 that they are practicing as usual, as if they are playing a game Saturday.

Coach Abraham says, "We have to keep working, but its certainly an unfortunate situation for all the parties involved. We want to play a football game. I'm sure Skaneateles wants to play. I'm sure they worked hard this year to get where they are, so it's an unfortunate situation all around.

Skaneateles School officials were reportedly in court Friday to deal with the situation. The school is seeking a temporary restraining order to halt the suspension passed down by Section III. If the suspension stands, the team would be forced to forfeit Saturday's playoff game, ending its season.

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