11 inducted to Boxing HOF


CANASTOTA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The 2013 Induction weekend for the International Boxing Hall of Fame is in the books, with eleven new members joining the fold.  Referee Mills Lane was the biggest name to be inducted.  Lane officiated countless title fights, including the infamous Tyson-Holyfield ear biting match.

Lane couldn't give a full speech to the crowd, thanks to a stroke he suffered in 2002.  But prior to his son saying a few words, Lane uttered his famous "Let's get it on" catch phrase.

Several other inductees did speak to the fans, including ring announcer Jimmy Lennon Jr., writer Colin Hart and the Grand Marshall of the Parade of Champions, Rosie Perez.

"I want to reach out to all my fellow boxing heads out there, if you're listening, watching," Perez said at the podium.  "Because what these fighters give to us is so much and just a weekend out of our lives is just so much we can give to them."

"My very first ring announcing gig came as a kid," said Lennon.  "At home, when the pot of a lid would drop or the timer would go off, anything sounding remotely like a boxing bell, we would break into our Jimmy Lennon routine.  'all right fight fans, here we go, in this corner, weighing in at' and so fort and so on.  So that's how it all started for us as kids."

"This is my first time in Canastota and I've heard so much about it down the years," said Hart.  "Now I've found out the secret of its success.  Its people, the people of Canastota, people who've helped us throughout the weekend, the helpers.  They even hold umbrellas over our heads so we shouldn't get wet walking in and out of the hotel.  You will never find that anywhere else in the world, believe me."

Two big name fighters were also inducted, Virgil Hill, as well as the late Arturo Gatti, who was represented by his family, as well as a former rival, Mickey Ward.

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