V-V-S leaves the TVL


VERONA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Tri Valley League is changing yet again. The Clinton Warriors have already left  for the Center State Conference. This week, V-V-S announced they too are leaving the TVL.

According to V-V-S Athletic Director Jim Burton, with addition of Proctor and RFA to the league, the TVL is no longer a good fit for the Red Devils. They will compete as an independent school for now.

As for the Tri Valley, they met on Thursday to re-align. One division holds the large schools: Proctor, RFA, New Hartford and Whitesboro. Then other division is comprised of the smaller schools: Camden, Oneida, Holland Patent and Notre Dame. This takes affect in the Spring of 2012.

According to Burton, when the league goes under eight teams, the two divisions comibine to form one. So for the fall sports season, the TVL will be one division of six teams.

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