Top 6 at 6


(WKTV) - Here are the top local plays caught by our cameras from the past week.

6 - Frankfort-Schuyler's Joe Cooper throws a deep pass to Dylan Todd who makes a nice move for a 48-yard touchdown.

5 - Proctor's Richard Pete takes a handoff and makes a zig-zag double-cut for a 52-yard touchdown.

4 - New Hartford's Pat Alcott feeds Ben Toach for a game-winning goal in overtime at Notre Dame.

3 - Westmoreland's Dan Smith avoids a sack and throws deep for Jason Colburn who takes an interception away for a touchdown.

2 - Whitesboro's Evan Manna makes a great run against Watertown.

1 - Ilion's Jon Treen blocks a punt, recovers the loose ball and runs it in for a touchdown.


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