Perfect Lady Mounties have high hopes


LITTLE FALLS, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Lady Mounties are a perfect 13-0 so far this season,but they say it's not a big deal.  "You don't start a season and say okay i'm going to be undefeated and it just so happens that's where we're at. It's more about putting a good game out on the floor," says head coach Pam Munger.

"People probably haven't been expecting us to come this far, but we can't go into a game thinking that you're going to win. After you win a game, you can't think you're going to win the next one. You have to go into every game thinking that it's going to be a tough game," says sophomore Jenna Becker.

The team has high expectations, but also knows that they can't think too far ahead.  "We want to go as far as we can. We know it's going to be a challenge, every game is a challenge, you never know. On any given day any team can win," says senior Olivia Tooley.

The success of the Lady Mounties this season is amazing, when you consider that they have only seven players on the entire varsity team.  Along with Tooley and Becker, they have seniors Katie Cotton and Carrin LaCoppola, junior Joanna Douglas, sophomore Jordan Mitchell and freshman Ashley Giaquinto.

"It's definitely been a big obstacle. The past couple years we've had a large bench to be versatile, but this year...we need to keep our legs," says Tooley.  "They have to be prepared for the game... so far we've managed to... take advantage of the strengths we do have and be successful in the season," adds Munger.

The small group of girls know each other well, and that's strengthened their team chemistry. "We're close on and off the court. It's fun just to be there, playing the game we all love," says Tooley. "We goof around a lot, but we know when to be serious. We just bond really well together," adds Becker.

The Lady Mounties also get a lot of support from their community, which they say has been building over the last six or seven seasons.  With their fans behind them, Little Falls is hoping to make it a special season.  Up next, a date with Mohawk this Wednesday.

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