Notre Dame to play in Championship game, Skaneateles season discredited and coach resigns


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Notre Dame Jugglers returned to football practice Tuesday after being invited to play in the Class C Championship game against Herkimer on Saturday. A court upheld Section 3's decision to force Skaneateles to vacate their season because of an alleged violation.

On Tuesday evening, Skaneateles Head Coach Tim Green resigned from the school's football program amid the allegations. The school is accused of recruiting players from other schools.

Skaneateles school officials were in court in Syracuse on Tuesday as this case was pending.

This past Saturday, Skaneateles beat Notre Dame to advance in the playoffs. On Friday, a court overturned Section 3's ruling which allowed that game to take place.

Notre Dame's Head Coach Byron Abraham says, "We're excited about a rematch with Herkimer. That's a league team for us. We beat them last season in a close game. They beat us this year early in week two. The only thing the kids wanted to do after that game is see these guys again. I think we'll be up for that and get the kids focused for that. Herkimer's a rival of ours. We'll be excited to play."

Herkimer is the team that Notre Dame will face on Saturday. The Magicians have been preparing for Skaneateles but now have to switch gears.

Herkimer's Head Coach Alan Steele says, "It changes our game plan. We're prepared for Skaneateles, but will prepare for Notre Dame and if we have to prepare for Skaneateles again, we'll still be there at 11:00 Saturday morning."

Skaneateles can still appeal with a higher-level court in Rochester.

Coach Tim Green is well known in the Syracuse area as a former Syracuse University turned NFL player and local author.

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