Early success in first year for MVCC


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - When you start a new sports team, it usually takes awhile before you start winning.  Just don't tell that to the new MVCC women's lacrosse team.  They've played two games and won them both.

"The work ethic of some of these kids is unbelievable," said head coach Gina St. Croix.  "They drive twenty minutes in from Rome, then they drive back, some of them have never played this game in their lives and they're out here stepping out of their element to do something they've never done before."

"Honestly it comes down to heart," added sophomore midfielder Abby DePaul, a former high school player at RFA.  "We all come out on this field not as lacrosse players, but as athletes and we leave everything on the field and play as hard as we can."

The Lady Hawks couldn't have asked for worse weather to start their first season, with chilly temperatures and all this wind.  But after all the waiting they've done, they weren't going to let a little cold get them down.

"You get checked in the fingers, they're all numb.  It's hard.  We're definitely looking forward to the nice weather," said freshman midfielder Kayla Smith with a laugh.  Another former Black Knight, Smith has scored twelve goals and assisted on three others in the Hawks first two wins.

"Playing in the cold stiffens your muscles up," added DePaul.  Your hands are so cold you can barely hold onto your stick sometimes.  It's not fun at all."

"Just to talk about the kind of character these girls, not one complained, they were just so thrilled to be on a field because it's been so long for them," said St. Croix.  "In this whole process they'd play in a snowstorm if it meant they could get a game in."

After their two wins, including one Saturday over Jefferson, the #6 ranked team nationally, the Lady Hawks now have their sights set on rival HCCC Wednesday and winning a lot more this year.

The HCCC-MVCC game will begin at 7 p.m. at the Proctor high football field.

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