West Canada hoopsters play baseball, too


NEWPORT, N.Y. (WKTV) - The West Canada Valley Boys Basketball team may get a lot of attention, but the baseball team is also turning some heads this season, partially because of the involvement of hoop star Jared Suderley.  The Indians senior is playing baseball for the first time since 6th grade.

"I played baseball when I was little, I was really good.  I figured senior year I'd give it another shot, see what happens.  It's going good so far," says Suderley.

"The kids look up to him and they wanted him here and I think he wanted to see if he'd be able to play... But also I he didn't want the camaraderie to end.with his teammates," says head coach D.J. Shepardson.

In fact, the baseball team has four seniors who were on the Section III C-2 Championship hoops squad, and they've helped the Indians win six of their first nine games.  "Basketball is a lot more fast paced, baseball is slowed down, individual plays, all at once.  But it's the same with the crowds always here, sam fan base, so it's always interesting," says senior Alex Maxwell.

They may not get as much publicity during the spring as the basketball team gets in the winter, but here in West Canada baseball still matters.  They have a lot of fan support, and are competitive every year.

"We usually don't have much time, going so deep in sectionals in basketball, we got going, these kids were ready to go, they transitioned over.  This is a great baseball group, these kids love baseball, there's a young group here that's coming through that I like being around each day and these seniors I'm certainly going to miss," says Shepardson.

"A couple years ago we made it to the sectional final in baseball, when I was a freshman.  Hopefully this baseball season we'll do the same, hopefully win a sectional title," adds Maxwell.

But no matter how well they do, playing baseball is fun for these guys, and also allows the seniors one last hurrah as Indians.

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