Suderley, Hartwick creating a buzz


ONEONTA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Jared Suderley was a spectacular basketball player for West Canada and now he's taken his talents to Hartwick.  Suderley says he chose to become a Hawk because of head coach Todd McGuinness and his staff, which includes legendary Hartwick coach Nick Lambros.

"t's a lot different, but I worked my way into it, took it day by day until I got settled in with the college life," Suderley says.  "Working hard in practice every day with these guys."

Apparently the menu at the Hartwick dining halls may have been a contributing factor, as McGuinness says Suderley's been an eating machine. "He's a big time eater. our guys can't believe how much food he eats in the commons, plates and plates of chicken nuggets, he really likes that part where he really eats."

But from a basketball perspective, the Hawks know they have a top notch player as well.  "We're very fortunate to get a caliber of player," says Lambros.  "He's a good kid, got great hands, he scores around the basket, listens."

As a first year coach, McGuinness recruited Suderley to not only help a Hawks team that had struggled over the last fifteen years, but also to bring some excitement to the Hartwick fans.

"Great atmosphere, just like West Canada, great bunch of fans, they come out to support us every game, just try to make it a great game for them to watch," Suderley says.

The presence of Suderley is already paying dividends on the court and with the help of juniors Mark Blazek and Chris Ryder, the Hawks have their own big three that's ready to take on the Empire 8.

"Consistency is a big factor," Blazek says.  "Our league is so tough that from the first place team to the ninth place team, you can't take a night off and any team can beat any team."

"It's easy honestly with the guys we have in the locker room, the teammates that we have, everyone's willing to put a part into the team, we've got talent from the first player on the team, to the last player," adds Ryder.

As Suderely's game continues to grow, so too will expectations fot the future at Hartwick.

To follow Jared and the Hawks, check out the Hartwick Men's Basketball website.

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