Westmoreland gears up for Groton


WESTMORELAND, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Westmoreland Bulldogs are ready for their regional final against Groton on Friday. The Indians are very similar to Westmoreland. Both teams have 1,000 yard rushers. Both teams can pass the ball well and both teams play aggressive defense.

It's the Bulldogs second straight regional appearance. This time around its in Class D, but the team is not taking this one for granted by any means. " We realize we are playing a champion every week, so we are working harder than before so we can embrace this second chance." says senior center Ryan Murphy.

Westmoreland has been ranked number one in the state since mid-season though and they are ready for the challenge that Groton brings to the table. "They realize how hard we have to work to stay there, that's how they'v done it every week and I don't see anything changing." says head coach Tim Gates.

Game time Friday night is 6pm at Union Endicott in Binghamton. To see highlights of the game, check back on Friday night at 11 for Sports Express.


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