Whitesboro golfers still perfect


WHITESBORO, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Whitesboro golf team has an impressive record over the last 16 years, since Gene Kazcor took over as head coach.  They've won twelve TVL titles, five section titles and finished with an undefeated season five times.  Adding to the list of accomplishments is 2008 graduate Doug Decarlo, who recently earned his PGA Tour card.

The Warriors have won three straight section titles and have their sights set on number four.  They don't get a lot of publicity, but have quietly dominated their Section III opponents, because of all their hard work, no matter what the weather is like on the course.

"We do have an idea here of pride and tradition in our program. we never take a day off, the only thing that stops us is lighting and thunder and we wait till it clears off and we're right back on the course," says Kazcor.

The volatile spring weather in Central New York makes it difficult, but the Warriors have the dedication to play in every condition, including the hail that fell during their Warrior Classic Tournament.

"This team, we're so competitive, we always want to beat each other, and seeing what we shoot after each round, that's probably a big part of our success," adds junior Bradee Holtslag.

Another key to the Warriors success over the last few years is they know all the little nuances of their home course, at Hidden Valley.  "Hole four, that's a rough hole. Over the trees, and then up hill, it's tough," says senior Johnny Odell.

No matter how they do in the postseason, this is a team that's set up for a lot more success in the future.  "We've got a team that's worked very hard. We only have one senior, that's a good thing to look forward to next year, but we're ready for sectionals, hopefully we'll do well," says Kazcor.

In addition to their male counterparts, the Whitesboro girls golf team is also undefeated this season, going 12-0.

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