Jennifer Deuel

Our Athlete of the Week is Jennifer Deuel from the Whitesboro Girls Basketball Team.
The senior averaged over 20 points in her first three games, including 24 in each of her first two.
As a sophomore, she was a starter for the Lady Warriors' first-ever section title team, but was injured most of her junior year.
Deuel is also a standout in soccer and softball, but basketball is her favorite off the three sports.

Deuel said, "I just love how it's fast paced in the gym. We have such a fun team, coaching staff always joking around, always getting in trouble, but in a good way. I love sprinting, just the atmosphere, the crowd's next to you cheering for you. They're so intense, compared to soccer where the stands are really far away."

Head Coach Pat Reader said, "She never had her head down, never pouted, still stayed that captain, she was a captain last year. All that leadership, having her back, for Jennifer not on the team, it can cost you 6, 7 games worth of wins, because of what she brings to the team  So I'm happy for her that she's back. It's good, it's great."

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