Mohawk Valley Classic Ice Skating Results


NEW HARTFORD, N.Y. - The Skating Club of New Hartford is proud to announce the local winners from it's recent Mohawk Valley Classic Competition.  Individual event winners were:

Ashley Chiffy - Silver, Preliminary B Freeskate and Bronze, Pre Juvenile Jumps
Katie Farkouh - Silver, Badge C Compulsory Moves
Claire Hotvedt - Gold, Juvenile C Jumps and Juvenile Spins; Silver, Juvenile Compulsory Moves; Bronze, Pre Juvenile B Freeskate and Pre Juvenile Showcase
Kasia Kozak - Silver, Juvenile Freeskate
Abby Luvera - Silver, Badge Jumps
Danielle Luvera - Silver, Badge A Compulsory Moves
Rachel Nashold - Silver, Pre Preliminary A Freeskate and Pre Preliminary C Moves
Louisa Pandolfo - Gold, Badge B Compulsory Moves; Bronze, Badge Jumps
Danielle Purdy - Gold, Pre Juvenile Jumps; Bronze, Pre Juvenile Moves and Juvenile Spins
Julia Rabbia - Gold, Badge B Compulsory Moves
Jennifer Sexton - Silver, Pre Juvenile A Freeskate
Sally Steiner - Gold, Championship Showcase and Intermediate Spins
Sam Stuttard - Silver, Badge A Freeskate
Dominica Toczala - Silver, Pre Juvenile Jumps and Pre Juvenile Spins
Alissa Tucciarone - Silver, Badge B Compulsory Moves
Amanda Tucciarone - Gold, Senior Freeskate and Novice Jumps; Silver, Novice Spins

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