Utica Curling Club To Host National Club Championships

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CLARK MILLS, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Utica Curling Club will host the 5th Men's and Women's Club Curling National Championships March 7-14th. Ten Men's and ten Women's teams representing their clubs have won the right to be part of this competition.  This unique concept, 4 teammates from the same club competing to win the right to be the best club curlers in the United States will be in the East for the first time.

The field is set for the 2009 US Club Nationals:


Michigan: Jamie Roberts, Kathy Cross, Kelly Mayes, Maryanne Wessels (Detroit CC)

Illinois: Tracy Lawless, Amy Brown, Leslie Earls, Deborah Moulton (Exmoor CC)

Minnesota 1: Norma O'Leary, Pam Cavers, Mary Johnson, Patti Luke, Lucy DeVore (Duluth CC)

Minnesota 2: Kimberly Wapola, Kimberly Sawyer, Peggy Gazzola, Louise Seeba (St. Paul CC)

MoPac: Marissa Messier, Cindy Wood, Jennifer Gamboa, Donna Umali, Jennifer Lindsay (Hollywood CC)

North Dakota: Natalie Melland, Carmen Delaney, Amelia Pirkl, Sheryl Askakson (Fargo-Moorhead CC)

Washington: Gabrielle Coleman, Elizabeth Coffin, Sara Skulec, Cynthia Eng-Dinsel (Granite CC)

Wisconsin: Martha Busse, Shelly Kosal, Mary Parker, Steph Erstad (Madison CC)

GNCC 1: Matina Heisler, Elizabeth Abeltin, Marinna Martini, Wendy Scholes (Broomstones CC)

GNCC 2: Sarah Anderson, Jilian Walker, Megan Hudson, Taylor Anderson (Philadelphia CC)


Michigan: Greg Jorgensen, Steve Scheffler, David Pietrangelo, Stephen Bodiya (Detroit CC)

Illinois: Jeff Wright, Nils Johansson, Russ Brown, Ken Brown (Exmoor CC)

Minnesota: Mark Willmert, Mark Faltesek, Ted McCann, Scott Belvitch (St. Paul CC)

MoPac: Greg Gallagher, Carl Nelson, Darryl Horsman, Carroll Huntress III (Coyotes CC)

North Dakota 1: Tom Grzadzieleski, Dave Boura, Brian Morrison, Jaerod Hanson, Matt Maquire

North Dakota 2: Rick Tangedal, Rory Wolter, Brent Overland, Karl Merk, Brian Helstad

Washington: Doug Kauffman, Bill Rugen, John Rasmussen, Liam Barksdale (Granite CC)

Wisconsin: Mike Fraboni, Brian Kopp, Joel Dietz, Donnie Henry (Madison CC)

GNCC 1: Chris Faircloth, Michael Fry, Ron Aubin, Michael Campbell (Potomac CC)

GNCC 2: Jeff Hannon, Derek Surka, Angelo Marasciulo, Joel Laneker (Nutmeg CC)

The welcoming ceremony with flags, teams, pipers, spectators and local dignitaries will be held at 1 PM Sunday, March 8th and is open to the public.  Tickets for the reception to follow may be purchased in advance or at the door for $25.  The first game begins Sunday at 4 PM.

On Tuesday, March 10 the competitors will be honored with a special dinner at 7 PM, with local entertainment to follow.  Tickets may be purchased in advance or at the door for $25.

Be a fan; come visit the club for a game or a day or the whole week.  Cheer good shots!  Support club curling!  Tickets are: $5 per day, $10 finals or $30 for a weeklong pass.  Tickets may be purchased at the door, or in advanced by contacting Chuck Harter or Colleen Welch at

315-797-2009 or by email: and will be available at the door for pickup.

Visit for the complete schedule of events and to pre-order event logo apparel.

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