CNY BMX opens season Saturday


BRIDGEWATER, N.Y. (WKTV) - It's opening weekend at CNY BMX, which means a lot of work getting the track ready for racing, as well as teaching the basics of the sport to potential riders.  To get the week started, the track will host three straight days of free open houses Wednesday through Friday.

"We've got a really solid group of volunteers," says track director Nick Rauch.  "We're very in tune to helping out new riders.  It's a family friendly sport, we get a lot of very young kids, we get a lot of adults, we get father-son combinations.  We see it all."

The track kicks off its 2012 season Saturday and for the riders, it's a big thrill.

"You can't really explain it, something you're going to just have to do," says Brandon Borek of Clinton.  "But what I can tell you is when you're at the gate, it's one of the most nervous feelings you're ever going to have, because you want to win and you want to do your best, so before that gate drops, you don't really know what's going to happen."

"It's wicked scary," adds Currey Nelson, another Clinton native, who is one of the top female riders at the track.  "I'm never sure if I'm going to fall or anything.  I try not to think about it until I'm up there."

With the Unadilla Motocross Track so close, just down the way on route 8, a lot of people, especially parents, confuse BMX with MX.  While it's still an action sport, it's not as dangerous.  Still the folks at CNY BMX are always willing to educate anyone who may have those concerns.

"So what we want to do is be proactive, a good sport, when people hear that, they're like oh that's a good sport, I want my kids to do that, not oh you don't want to be near those guys, they're troublemakers, they get into bad stuff," says Borek.

This weekend's festivities are just the start of what should be a fun season, as the track is planning an Olympics Day in June, since BMX is one of the sports that's included in the London schedule.  They will also have a regional event coming up in July.

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