Sandberg visits HOF to promote BASE


COOPERSTOWN, N.Y. (WKTV) - 2005 Baseball Hall of Fame inductee Ryne Sandberg was back in Cooperstown Saturday, helping the Hall promote its new online registry for the BASE program.

The initiative enocurages people of all ages to make a pledge to lead a healthy, performance-enhancing free life.

The program also features several interactive displays just outside of the Bullpen Theater, where anyone can access the database to see who's pledged.

Sandberg is just one of several Hall of Famers who are helping the museum spread the word about BASE.

"Get the message to the kids in schools or even adults on how to improve their way of life," says Sandberg.  "Four values of having success with whatever they do and for me to be apart of it along with some other Hall of Famers, it's a great message.  It's totally what I felt helped me become the person I am and being a Hall of Famer.  So it all works all together."

The former Chicago Cub second baseman was just named as the new third base coach for the Phillies this week and Saturday talked about how much he enjoys returning to Cooperstown, as well as his own Induction, seven years ago.

"We're like a team, a close knit family," Sandberg says of his fellow Hall of Famers.  "It's a special place here in Cooperstown, it's a special club that I belong to.  Just to come here and rekindle what it all meant to me seven years ago, going into the Hall of Fame, it doesn't take long to reflect back on that day and what it all has meant to myself, my family and my life."

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