Turning Stone hosts first Sumo Wrestling event


VERONA, N.Y. (WKTV) - It's huge in Japan, but Sumo Wrestling is hard to find in the United States.  On Saturday night though, the Event Center at the Turning Stone Resort Casino hosted All-Star Sumo, featuring ten International Sumo champions.

Mark, ranked number three in the International Sumo standings, won, finishing with a perfect 9-0 record.  Byamba, a four time World Sumo champ, took second, with a record of 8-1.  Byamba received a huge pop from the crowd in his third match of the night as the 370 pounder from Mongolia lifted 440 pound American Kelly off the ground and tosses him for the win.

Kelly is the heaviest person to ever run a marathon.  Mark is a 550 pounder from New Zealand whose weight is equaled by Yama, who at one point was 600 pounds, making him the heaviest person in Japanese history.  Yama is a former World Sumo Champion.

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