Jets creating potential QB mess with Sanchez-Tebow

NEW YORK (AP) - The quarterback hierarchy has been clearly set by the New York Jets. Mark Sanchez is No. 1. Tim Tebow is No. 2.

Rex Ryan has said it over and over, and so has general manager
Mike Tannenbaum. They insist Sanchez is the undisputed starting
quarterback, with Tebow serving as an intriguing backup with a
significant role in the offense.

But what the Jets did in acquiring the popular and electrifying
Tebow from Denver is add the potential for a really messy
situation. Sure, things will be fine when Sanchez, who's expected
to show significant progress this season, has his good moments.

But whenever he struggles and Tebow comes in and gets the offense
moving, the inevitable question will be: Are the Jets better with
Tebow in there all the time?

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