Boston's normally green-clad fans turn Orange for Syracuse University

By WKTV News

BOSTON, M.A. (WKTV) - Syracuse University's basketball team barely made it by UNC-Asheville, before moving onward to face Kansas State. Now, Jim Boeheim and the Syracuse Orange are looking to take down Wisconsin in Boston, Massachusetts.

While the ball may be in the hands of the players, the 6th man, what the fans are often called, may offer some help putting that ball through the basket. The Orange themselves are hoping their play and the push from the fans will propel them to the next round.

Jim Boeheim said that as the players walked through a practice in Boston on Wednesday afternoon, they saw plenty of orange in the crowd.

While many Central New York fans will most likely arrive Wednesday night or Thursday, most of the orange in Boston is actually from the normally green Boston.

**Click the video for LIVE report from NEWSChannel 2's Gary Liberatore in Boston, Massachusetts.**

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