Syracuse under fire again as hoops team begins NCAAs

As the Syracuse basketball team prepares to play its first game in the NCAA Tournament Thursday, more talk of an NCAA investigation surrounding the program surfaced.

One year ago SU admitted to an ongoing inquiry by the NCAA into possible violations of its drug policy, after a report by Yahoo! Sports.  That came on the heels of a season mired in controversy on the academic eligibility of Fab Melo.  This season, James Southerland also missed significant time with an eligibility issue.

Two stories Wednesday revealed new information.  The CBS Sports website reported that a source says the NCAA has been investigating the program for a period of "years" and that the school was notified of the investigation.  The transgressions in the article were described by the source as both major and wide-ranging in nature. 

The second article comes from the Post-Standard website, in which a source states that the NCAA has been talking to a few people at the school about Melo's eligibility, as well as an alleged sexual assault involving three players from 2007.  The paper says the football team is also involved, though the investigation is mostly surrounding the basketball team.

The NCAA has not confirmed the reported investigation and the school has yet to confrim anything either.

The source from the CBS Sports article, when asked how big the investigation is, said: "Throw a dart at the [NCAA] manual [and you would hit a violation by Syracuse.]

The Orange basketball team is in San Jose, Calif., getting ready for their Second Round game in the tournament, Thursday at 9:57 p.m., against Montana.

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