Super Bowl Champion Giants open camp


ALBANY, N.Y. (WKTV) - It's been two years since the New York Giants held training camp at UAlbany, thanks to last year's NFL lockout.  Big Blue is back in the Capital Region this summer, once again as Super Bowl champions.

"We are trying to formulate a situation where they're all in the same boat, all treated the same, all get the same food, all sleep the same way," said head coach Tom Coughlin.  "At home we have a hotel, here we have them in the dormitories. The idea, to have them bond, thats certainly a big part of this."

"We got to hit the ground running," added defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul.  "Like trying to come back from losing a game, that championship. Guys will take care of that, defense will take care of their side of the ball.  All the guys will have fun out there and keep going. Our first practice, we're going to give it all we got."

The big loss for the G-men this year is Brandon Jacobs, so the run game is a concern.  Ahmad Bradshaw will have to step and help the new kid, first round pick David Wilson. 

"His speed is tremendous," said Bradshaw.  "Open up things for our whole offense. He's an all around back, smaller, but I think he can execute everything."

"Without the two a days, it's a little more dificult than just zoom in on one thing and stay with it," said Coughlin.  "So it's got to be balanced where practices go."

You can't do much better than winning The Big Game, but the Giants were just 7-7 before their big run.  So even as defending champs, there's room for improvement.

The Giants will be in Albany until August 8th, then play their first preseason game in Jacksonville on August 10th.  They return to Albany on August 12th until the 15th, then get ready for their big preseason showdown with the Jets on August 18th.

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