Boeheim holds news conference after SU win

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WKTV) - Syracuse men's basketball coach Jim Boeheim says he will not comment further until the investigation of child molestation accusations against his former assistant Bernie Fine is complete.

"There's an investigation underway. There are no charges, there are no indictments, there is no grand jury, there is no action being taken. When that is done, then we will see what has happened on my watch."

"On my watch" was a term not coined by Boeheim. During the press conference after Syracuse defeated Eastern Michigan University 84-48, reporters were asking Boeheim about how he felt about these alleged incidents happening "on his watch."

"My assistants work for me and I have absolute say in everything they do in the basketball program. What people do outside the program, I have very little if any control over adults," Boeheim said Tuesday night.

Three men, including two former Syracuse ball boys, have accused
Fine of molesting them. A fourth victim is reportedly talking with officials, according to the NY Daily News.

When the allegations were first brought forth on November 17th, Boeheim issued a statement in full support of Fine, and Tuesday night he explained why. "When you've known somebody and worked with somebody for 36 years and known them for 48 years. You went to school with them, I think you owe them a debt of allegiance and gratitude for what they did for the program."

Since Boeheim's original statement, new information and new allegations have surfaced-- which led to Fine's termination as the associate head coach. On Sunday, Boeheim issued a new statement and now says he is in full support of the investigation.

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