SU fans prepare at home and in Cleveland for NCAA Tournament


CLEVELAND, Ohio (WKTV) - In just a few hours, the Syracuse University basketball team will start their NCAA Tournament, tipping off against Indiana state.

Most people will be watching tonight in their living rooms, but the most die hard of fans are in Cleveland to see the game in person.

It was five days ago that the NCAA announced Syracuse would play in Cleveland against Indiana state, and it's been five long days for SU.

It's an even longer wait for the ones who traveled from Central New York to Cleveland to see the game, as they have to wait almost four more hours. However, they say it is worth the wait, and the players themselves expect to see a lot of Orange in the stands tonight.

"I'm a season ticket holder, so we go to the dome for every game," she said. "We went to the Seton Hall and Georgetown games.

Tozydlowski said t was a no-brainer for her to make the trip.

"Absolutely," she said. "Hands down, especially since we did not make it to the Big East Tournament, it is nice to be here."

Toczydlowski says she was watching closely last Sunday, to see where s-u would play

"We decided Sunday night (to come to Cleveland) when we saw the brackets," she said. "We purchased our tickets that night, we are ready to go."

She made the trip to Cleveland with her friend, Katey Wilhelm, who is from Syracuse. Both these women believe hundreds of others will do the same.

"I think, considering it's only about a five and a half hour drive, I think you will see a lot of Orange in the stands," Wilhelm said.

And they're not alone. The players say they are expecting plenty of support tonight, when they step on the floor.

"Every where we went this year, we had fans," said Sophomore Guard Brandon Tiche. "South Florida, we had more fans than they did and that was in their town. I believe it should be a lot of Orange."

"How far is Florida from Syracuse? And they were all there," said Junior Forward Kris Joseph. "So this should be a baby drive for them to come down here or flight, whatever the case may be, and I think they will be here to support us."

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