Boeheim addresses Education Secretary's comments on Orange graduation rates


PITTSBURGH, P.A. (WKTV) - The Syracuse Orange survived Thursday's game with UNC-Asheville. That's really the best way to describe the 72-65 win at the NCAA tournament.

SU avoided the dubious distinction of becoming the first top seed to lose to a 16.

After the win, coach Jim Boeheim addressed a USA Today article in which the Secretary of Education called out the Orange on their graduation rates.

The NCAA will be imposing a new rule next year, in which teams will have to maintain a rate of 930, about half their players, or be banned from competing in the Big Dance. Boeheim had a very interesting rebuttal.

"We've had five or six guys who've left early, went to the NBA, played, came back and graduated," Boeheim said. "We helped them graduate. We have two or three right now that are close to graduating who are done playing with their NBA careers. So education is paramount to me. We want every guy to graduate and we work hard on that."

Boeheim was not happy about being singled out, saying if the line was imposed this year, his team would be eligible. The Orange get back to business on Friday, with practice scheduled for around 1:30 p.m. Followed with a media session where the team will talk about their next game, Saturday at 12:15 against Kansas State.

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