Pat Bailey talks with local fans after SU's win against Indiana State

CLEVELAND, OH (WKTV) - "I was very nervous in the first half," said Tom Nelson of Utica. "It was very close and only a few points apart and then we just blew them away in the second, it was just a terrific win. " "My son and I promised each other were going to show up together every chance we get going forward. This has just been fun for both of us." Nelson added.

" Oh my gosh it is such a big difference (watching in person) like when you hear the other team booing you and you can’t hear that on the TV." said Lauren Leathers of Syracuse. "You hear such the crowd difference when you're in person. It is just a totally different experience. It was awesome."

Most fans from Central New York are staying in Cleveland for Sunday's game against Marquette.

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