Syracuse to play first Big East Tournament game today


NEW YORK CITY (WKTV) - The wait is over for Syracuse basketball fans - on Thursday, the team will play its first Big East Tournament game in New York City.

The Orange, along with their fans, will have a tough time ahead of them when they play Saint John's University.

The Red Storm were part of a controversial win Wednesday that led them to Thursday's match-up with SU.

Despite the Big East Conference say their officials blew not one, but two late game calls in Wednesday night's St. John's-Rutgers game, fans of the Red Storm say they deserve to be in Thursday's game.

Not only that - they expect to win.

The "No Call" on St. John's has been the talk of the Big East Tournament thus far, but that is now over and it is on to Syracuse for the Red Storm.

SU beat the very same team in the very same building two months ago.

Thursday's game will be a battle, not only on the court, but in the seats.

It's a home game for St. John's and an unofficial home away from home game for SU, who packs a lot of fans into Madison Square Garden.

"I have been here before for a Syracuse-St. John's game and it's nuts," said St. John's fan Adam Slater. "It feels like an away game. I think they will be a raucous crowd, but I just hope that Dwight Hardy and company can put it together to pick up a 'W.'"

As far as who will have the edge in the crowd factor, one expert says it won't be his alma mater.

"It will be a St. John's crowd," said Sean McDonough of ESPN. "I am sure Syracuse will be well represented, but I think the advantage in the crowd and number of seats will belong to St. John's. It will be great. I think it's good for the Big East."

We talked with Syracuse fans on Wednesday, and they said they plan on having the upper hand in this match-up within a match-up.

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