Third Man In 11/25/2009

By Tom Coyne

WKTV - It's the most wonderful time of the year, the high school hockey season is underway. Actually, it got underway last night with the defending state champion Division II team, New Hartford, out in action against West Genesee. They lost, did the Spartans, and it's not surprising that they lost...they lost 2-0. It is surprising they failed to score in that game. The traditional opener for high school hockey is the Utica College tournament. That's coming up this weekend. It takes on alittle extra added importance this year, because of state cutbacks in regular season games a team can schedule. Now you can only go with 20, instead of 24. So, to open up one of those non-league dates to some better competition...or non-league competition I should say, they're going to have the first games of the Utica College hockey tournament a league game. What's also important is that Clinton and Whitesboro are losing home dates as a result of this neutral ice meeting. Nevertheless, they're going to be in action this weekend, starting Friday at 2:00PM at the Auditorium. Also, Cazenovia, last year's runner up in 3-2-E, is in action today against Solvay at the Fairgrounds in Syracuse. Utica Proctor, who gonna surprise some people, and Westmoreland are going to open out at Cicero in the Central Square tournament this weekend. Get out and enjoy some's very good for the digestion. I'm Tom Coyne...Third Man In.

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