Third Man In: 12/3/2009

By Tom Coyne

WKTV - The first week of the season is wrapping up and, because of the shorted regular season, everybody has now played at least one league game in 3-2-E.

What we see already is New Hartford the cream of the crop…although they won't have an easy time of it. RFA is showing the talent that we know that they have on the roster. The key will be, as it has been for the past few season, can they continue to play a controlled, focused game. If they can, they should be in the playoffs. Cazenovia had a great opener against the promising Proctor Raiders. The Raiders gave them so much looked like deer in the headlights. It was almost Ice Capades at times. And that is not good for Proctor.

We've got a couple good games coming up, starting Wednesday on Mill Street in New Hartford, the Spartans will host Clinton. This is an important game because of some of the question marks surround both teams. For example, is what we saw in that championship game, at Utica College, really an example of the lack of depth New Hartford has. And, what about the Warriors. Can Clinton come on with some strong goaltending and make a big run on things this year. They are a better club than they get credit for.

Coming up this weekend, we've got more game to play. A good game to see this weekend, Friday night at the Clinton Arena - a great place to be on a Friday night, the Warriors will host unbeaten Shaker-Colonie.

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