Painting the city green, starting with one green line

By WKTV News

The Painting 'o the Green Line took place Friday morning along Genesee Street in front of the Stanley Theatre.

The Grand Marshal of the parade, Sister Maureen Denn got the honor of painting the green line.

Part of the street in front of the Stanley Theatre was sectioned off for the ceremonial painting.

Denn says the green line represents Ireland and is a sign of hope.

She says she's honored and humbled to lead the parade this year.

She had fun with this task on the job.

" It was fun, it was kind of difficult to keep it straight," Denn said. " But I think I succeeded in doing that and as I painted the green line I was thinking I hope soon we see the green earth. That's what that green line will remind us. I hope for a change in he weather.

The parade starts at 10 a.m.

Don't forget, NewsChannel 2 will televise the parade live starting at 10 Saturday morning.

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