St. Patrick's Day parade heats locals up on a cold, rainy day


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - It was a chilly, and rainy day in downtown Utica, Saturday, but that didn't stop Mohawk Valley residents from celebrating St. Patrick's Day as a community.

The Annual Utica St. Patrick's Day parade brought hundreds of locals to Genesee St. to watch the various floats go by, cheer on their friends and family, and just to have a good time.

As soon as the sirens started blaring from the Utica Fire Department trucks, the cold day turned into a hotbed of fun, as a roar let out from the sidewalk crowd the stretched all the way from the Oneida St. roundabout, down to the Bleecker St. intersection of Genesee.

It was a see of green, and people of all ages came down to celebrate the special day. The parade proved that once again, nothing can stop residents of Utica and the surrounding area from coming together to have a good time.

Regardless of heritage, everyone is considered Irish on St. Patrick's Day. With the big success of this year's parade, that truth could not be more evident!

Click below for RAW video of the view from inside of the parade:

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