Lunch Ladies Fight Back


Frequent food fights have prompted revenge from the lunch ladies at New Jersey's Atlantic City High School.

They're now dishing up "cheese sandwich" punishments for food flinging students.

The sandwiches sparked controversy when they were first offered in April to students who had participated in a food fight.

Outraged mother Bridgitte Reid called the cheesy retribution for a cell-phone coordinated fight a "crime" and a "prison meal."

The lunch ladies weren't swayed.

Two more food fights broke out this week and the cafeteria workers, donning T-shirts that read "A.C.H.S. Home of the Cheese Sandwich" on the front and "Don't mess with the Lunch Ladies" on the back served up the sparse meal Wednesday and plan to continue for the rest of the week.

"We work hard and it's not fair to us either," said cafeteria worker Jasmine Torres.

The T-shirts were inspired by April's news coverage of the incident and came about when the school's art teacher collaborated with a local T-shirt business.

Some parents and students are not amused.

"It's just stupid," said student Mauricio Barbosa Thursday.

"Come on, a cheese sandwich is jail food, it's not for kids," Antoinette Centeno, the mother of a sophomore, complained. "All day in school they need something in their stomach."

Atlantic City High principal Oscar Torres backed up the cafeteria workers choice of punishment, saying that the meal meets the state requirements and sends a message to the students.

"It is nutritional," he said. "We're not going to tolerate students throwing food in the cafeteria."

Students say since the food's not edible in their eyes, it'll still go airborne.

"Usually when they give the cheese sandwiches they throw it anyway," Ricky Nguyen said.

Source: WCAU

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