Whistler's Architect


He won't be winning a medal in the Olympics, but a California man is winning admiration from everyone who visits the Olympic venue in Whistler Village.

Mill Valley, California’s Eldon Beck is about to have his work seen by millions.

The landscape architect designed Whistler Village where thousands will gather to witness Olympians go for the gold.

"They sat me down and asked me to draw and in a couple of days I had a concept they liked," said Beck.

That was in 1978.

He never dreamed his vision would someday be seen by the world.

"I might sit up in my chair as we're talking about this it is extremely exciting," Beck said.

Beck says he got his inspiration for Whistler Village from Mill Valley, California. A pedestrian friendly town nestled in the middle of the Redwoods

"Whistler is a village in the Forest. Mill Valley also is a village in a Redwood Forest,” said Beck.

Beck says he designed Whistler much like a creek, a place people can stream through or meander by the banks, all without the distraction of cars.

"It's probably a mile and a half on pedestrian ways through the village without crossing a road. When you can get people out of the wind into the sunlight in a winter place it's magical," Beck said.

And it's a magic he's certain the Olympians will fall in love with.

"It's full of surprises when you turn a corner and say hey there's a great view," said Beck.

Beck will travel to Whistler this weekend to witness his village on the world stage for himself.

Eldon Beck will take part in some fireside chats with Olympic visitors this weekend to talk about how he helped make Whistler Village a reality.

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