Winter 2006-2007 Events

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The following is an archived list of Weather Team articles on weather events from the fall, winter and early spring of 2006-2007.

October 19-20 Autumn Storm - Flooding/Snow Burst

October 28-29 Autumn Storm - Snow, Rain, Wind, Low Barometers
Photos from October 28-29 Autumn Storm (Wind Damage/Heavy Snow)

November 2-4 Lake Effect Snow
Photos from November 2-4 Lake Effect Snow Event

November 16 Heavy Rain/Wind Flooding (Pictures can be found in the photo gallery)

December 2-5 Lake Effect Snow

December 7-8 Lake Effect Snow/Bitter Cold

January 6 Record High Temperatures

January 8-10 Lake Effect Snow

January 15 Ice Storm Totals/Recap
Photos from January 15 Ice Storm (Additional photos in the Weather Photo Gallery)

January 17 Bitter Cold Low Temperatures

January 19-20 Heavy Lake Effect Snow

January 21 Bitter Cold Low Temperatures

January 23-26 Light Lake Snows

January 26...Coldest Night in Two Years

January 29-30 Light Lake Effect Snow (Oswego/Cayuga/Wayne Thumper)

Historic February 2-12 Lake Effect Snow Event Reports
Recap and Analysis of February 2007 Lake Effect Event
Photos from LES Event

Valentine's Day Feb. 13-14 Winter Storm + Lake Effect on Feb. 15-16
Photo Galleries from the Valentine's Day Storm

Early March Historic Cold Snap (3/5-3/9)

St. Patrick's Day Snowstorm (3/16-3/17)
Photos from I-80 in NJ and I-81

April 15-16 Nor'Easter Snow Totals and Pressure Readings
Photos from 4/15-16 Event

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