Hurricane Irene forecasted East of Mohawk Valley, Herkimer County will see rainbands


(WKTV) - Hurricane Irene continues to barrel up the Eastern Seaboard and heads for the Chesapeake and New England areas, including portions of Central New York.

According to StormTracker 2 Weather, data overnight has shifted the track of Hurricane Irene about 40 miles east of the previous track. This track brings the center of the hurricane over NYC and into Connecticut, continuing into New England.

By Sunday morning, the center of the storm will be near Atlantic City, with rain pushing into Southern and Eastern New York. We will start to see rain move into parts of CNY by mid to late morning.

The main issue with rainfall is where the cut off will be. In hurricanes, there is a sharp knife cut off of precipitation and dry weather.

The best bet for wet weather will be for Utica and points east. West of Utica looks to see some rain showers, but not nearly as steady or heavy as the Capital District. Flood Watches have been issued for Herkimer, Hamilton, Fulton and Montgomery Counties.

Experts advise people to not travel east towards New York or Boston. If travel is necessary, leave those parts of the region by Saturday night.

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