Officials: Check on elderly during Hurricane Sandy

By Hilary Lane

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) Officials say Hurricane Sandy could be most stressful and most difficult on the elderly population. If you have family members or neighbors that are older, don't forget to check on them .

Kelly Walters, Executive Director at Parkway Senior Center, said some residents have been worried about the storm for the past few days.

"They are concerned about the weather and what it could mean for their inability to get out and be without the amenities we're used to like power and refrigeration," said Walters.

Walters suggests making sure the elderly have emergency kits prepared in their homes with enough non-perishable food items for 72 hours and a can opener, water, flashlight, moist towelettes for hygiene purposes, a radio for weather updates, a first aid kit and extra batteries.

In addition, older people should make sure their cell phones are fully charged so they have a means to communicate in case the power goes out.

Also, there should be extra prescription medications in the home.

For patients on oxygen, St. Elizabeth Health Support Services has backup sources available for all patients to get though the storm. If power outages occur, Saint Elizabeth saide they will work to make sure their approximately 400 oxygen patients in the Utica area are safe and have the supplies they need.

If you would like to request backup oxygen call:

(315) 737-0310

Also, officials suggest residents stay indoors unless absolutely necessary.

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