Thunderstorms cause flooding, road closures in Herkimer County

HERKIMER COUNTY (WKTV) - The thunderstorms that moved through the region Sunday afternoon brought heavy rains and flooding to Herkimer County.

The heavy rains caused a mudslide along a bank on Route 28. Herkimer County safety officials say more portions of the road could close and will remain closed until they are safe for travel.

Roadways were also flooded and unpassable by traffic. Flash flood warnings were issued for Central New York.

Several roads were closed Sunday evening.

- Route 169 outside Middleville to North Creek
- Route 28 from Herkimer to Middleville
- Route 5 between Millers Grove and Watkins Road
- Southside Road in Frankfort

Tree limbs being taken down in the weather also caused a problem, blocking roadways and falling on power lines.

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