Top Five CNY Weather Events in 2011


(WKTV) - 2011 has been quite the year of weather, from snowstorms to tornadoes to hurricanes, earthquakes and flooding, we have pretty much seen it all. 

5. Kirkland/Franklin Springs Microburst
July 26, 2011

A wild, fast evolving supercell dropped an EF 0 tornado and a microburst that damaged several communities across Central Oneida County. The storm formed over Lake Ontario and took on super cell status shortly after crossing into Oneida County. Quarter size hail fell in Sylvan Beach, along with numerous trees down in North Bay. There were several reports of storm wind and hail damage across the county. The largest hail was golf ball size in Westmoreland. By far, the worst damage occured as the storm passed by Westmoreland. Wind speeds in this microburst peaked at 90mph, stronger than the speed of the tornado. The area of destruction was much greater than the tornado as well. Some of the worst spots were found on Furnace Street, where several large and healthy trees were blown down.

4. March 6-7th Snowstorm

A low pressure system took the perfect path from off the coast of NJ through CT/RI to give CNY heavy snow on March 6th through the 7th. Officially, the storm dropper 18.0" of snowfall. West Winfield received 25.5", Cedarville 24.0", waterville 23.0"

3. Extreme Temperatures

We had quite the swing in temperatures for Central New York. Our lowest temperature was -21° on January 24th. Just six months later, we hit our highest temperature of 99° on July 21st. That is a 130° temperature swing! In addition, it was the 6th warmest November and 9th warmest December.

2. Seven Tornado Touchdowns

On average, NY STATE averages 7 tornadoes a year. In 2011, 7 tornadoes touched down in CNY. Here is the list:

April 26: Rome (EF1), Gilbertsville (EF1) April 27th: Frankfort (EF1)
April 28: Pharsalia (EF2)
July 26: Kirkland (EF0)
July 29: Guilford (EF0)
July 29: Burlington Flats (EF1)

There was also the infamous tornado EF1) that crossed the NYS Thruway on September 4th in Amsterdam.

1. Flooding from Irene and Lee

Back to back tropical systems that brought major flooding all across the Northeast. Irene not only flooded most of Central NY, but it even flooded the studio at WKTV. Here are a few precipitation amounts:

West Winfield 6.0"
Richfield Spr 5.8"
Litchfield 5.0"
New Hartford 4.3"

The remains of Tropical Storm Lee arrived just a little over a week later, on September 7th. Over 100,000 people had to be evacuated in the Binghamton area. Officially, Binghamton received 9.12" of rainfall from Lee. Here are some local amounts:

Hartwick 6.30"
West Winfield 4.30"
Marcy 4.25"
Oriskany Falls 4.00"
South Utica 3.92"
Herkimer 3.67"

The Mohawk River in Utica rose to 408 feet. This breaks the flood level of 407.35 set back in June of 2006.

Other 2011 notes:

Best of the Best:
#8 Wettest Year
#9 Warmest Year
#8 Wettest Day: May 19th 3.18"
#7 Wettest Month: May 9.51"

Monthly Records:
#2 Wettest April 7.12"
#1 Wettest May 9.51"
#7 Driest July 1.39"
#6 Warmest November 44.1°
#5 Least Snowiest December 3.5"
#9 Warmest Decemeber (unoffical) 32.79°

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