2010-2011 Season Snowfall Totals

By Weather WKTV

Spring is officially upon us in Central New York.  While snow is still possible through May in Central New York, the vast majority of the accumulating snow is behind us.  Here's a look at how the 2010-2011 season faired across the region.  Snowfall totals updated as of May 3rd:

Location Total
Point Rock (MG) 179.9"
West Leyden (Becky) 179.3"
Syracuse (NWS) 179.0"
Sherburne (Jeff) 174.1"
Clayville (Rich) 174.0"
Steuben (Rich) 168"
Oriskany Falls (Art) 165.3"
Westernville (Mel) 154.9"
Northwestern (Gordon) 149.2"
Richfield Springs (Tom) 144.4"
Salisbury (Larry) 130.0"
Middleville (Bob) 129.8"
New Hartford (Jimmy) 126.8"
Hartwick (Deb) 124.0"
Whitesboro (Rob) 122.0"
Holland Patent (Chris) 120.0""
Utica (Official)
South Utica 114.0"
Westmoreland (Tony) 114.0"
Laruens (Barb) 110.0"
Dolgeville (Mike) 109.7"

A big thank you to our skywatchers for collecting and maintaining these records.  If you have a season snowfall total to report, send us an email to weather@wktv.com, or post on our weather blog.

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