2012-2013 Season Snowfall Totals

By Weather WKTV

Updated Sunday April 7th


Location Total
Clayville 134.0
Dolgeville 74.8
East Winfield 109.9
Hartwick 55.3
Holland Patent 115.0
Middleville 81.8
New Hartford 88.0
North Marcy 125.0
Northwestern 138.6
Point Rock 117.4
Richfield Springs 115.0
Salisbury 88.1
Steuben 154.0
Sherburne Hills 100.5
South Utica 83.4
Westernville 138.4
Westmoreland 64.5
Whitesboro 78.2
Utica (Official) 87.5

A big thank you to our skywatchers for collecting and maintaining these records.  If you have a season snowfall total to report, send us an email to, or post on our weather blog.

*New this year: The list will be collected and posted every Sunday night at 10pm.*

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