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In South America, 2 chucks of a remote glaciers were removed to reveal a year by year tropical climate report for the span of over two thousand years. According to Ohio State University researches, the layers of ice and dust trapped in the two ice cores offer the longest and most clearly defined record of annual changes in ocean temperatures and precipitation in that region. Researchers can estimate changes in ocean temperature by measuring the ratio of different oxygen isotopes in frozen water molecules.The ice core ice core,will help climatologists study historical climate data.
So you think you have the best or worst job in the world? ranked 200 jobs from best to worst based on five criteria: physical demands, work environment, income, stress, and hiring outlook.Coming in at number one is an actuary or a business professional who deals with the financial impact of risk and uncertainty. Meteorologist came in at number 29 while broadcaster only made it to 184. The worst job in the top 200? Newspaper Reports. Here is the full list.

Finally, the National Weather Service in Binghamton is hosting a SkyWarn weather spotter training class this Monday, April 29th at 6:30PM. It will be help at the Emergency Preparedness Training Center in Oriskany. It is free and open to the public but you need to register online.