Winter Outlook

By Weather WKTV

This year’s WKTV Winter Outlook calls for average temperatures with above average snowfall. Our team predicts 105”-125” of snowfall for the season for Utica, NY (30 year average is 95.3").  This years winter is predicted to be similar to last years winter.

The combination of a cooler Eastern (La Niña) and Northern Pacific (Negative PDO) will lead to a more easterly and deeper seasonal jet stream. This in turn favors more frequent cold outbreaks and lake effect events. In addition, the more common snow events in Central New York are likely to be found in Alberta Clippers (land track storms) rather than Nor’easters (Atlantic storms).  A late start and  late finish to the winter is expected as La Niña continues to influence our weather into the upcoming spring season.
The research and reasoning behind the forecast can be found in detail on our Weather blog

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