Ilion spends day fighting off flood waters


ILION, N.Y. (WKTV) - Workers spent the day Thursday laying down sandbags in an effort to divert water away from homes and back towards the creek.

On Wednesday, the Mayor of Ilion declared a state of emergency, which was later lifted on Thursday afternoon.

The heavy rainfall has caused Steele creek to overflow onto the streets and into residents' homes.The rain is putting pressure on the retaining wall surrounding the creek, causing the wall to lean inwards and water to flow underneath.

"My biggest fear is that we are going to lose the whole wall, which would eventually mean we are going to lose more of the road because obviously the water erodes the roadway," says John Stephens, the Village of Ilion. "As you can see, we have lost a lot of that bank across the creek, the water erodes the embankment there, so it would continue to do that with the retaining wall gone."

Even though the heavy rain fall has stopped, the clean-up will continue for at least the next week.

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