Residents in Richfield Springs dealing with flooded streets


RICHFIELD SPRINGS, N.Y. (WKTV) - Some residents in Richfield Springs need to use a kayak to get to their front door.

The heavy flooding from Wednesday's rainstorm caused water levels in Canadarago Lake to rise and submerge the bottom part of the lakefront camps.

"A lake house on the lake, that is how I can explain it," says Seth Peters. "Right underneath the water."

He has been renting a camp for the week. He woke up Thursday morning to find the bottom of the camp completely submerged in water.

"We are just worrying about the wires. We got about 10 inches before we have to start worrying about the wires, that's when we got the real problems," says Peters.

Debbie Tarris owns a camp on Canadarago Lake. How would she describe the condition of the area?

"Disastrous. Thankfully its our camp and not our home," says Tarris. "We can take everything out and we can replace it. So it's not our only livelihood thank God."

The Tarris family does not have flood insurance, so repairing their camp will leave an economic and emotional strain.

"It is a lot of work. It is very frustrating and sad," says Tarris. "It's heartbreaking to see such mess."

For now, residents are waiting for the water to recede so they can start cleaning up.

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