Whitesboro residents: We have never seen anything like this

WHITESBORO, N.Y. (WKTV) - Many Whitesboro residents had not even finished drying out from Tropical Storm Irene's floods when the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee came storming through. Even garbage was on residents' front lawns, waiting to be picked up.

On Ablett Avenue,0 people spent the entire day pumping the Sauquoit Creek out of their basements and many are still doing just that. Some lost belongings they'd only just replaced from last week's round of flooding. Some have lived here nearly 40 years and they say they have never seen it worse.

Kathy Browne of Whitesboro said, "But this time was the worst. There was four and a half feet of water in the basement. Even the washer was floating so it's the worst we've ever seen."

Whitesboro resident Sandy Price said, "I had a washer down there that was only a year old and it's gone. Actually my son next door, his was floating. And you see sewers come up and the pipeline and it's spewing. It's just coming out like a geyser."

The people who live in Whitesboro are extremely grateful not only to their own fire department for pumping them out, but to neighboring departments like Clark Mills, for lending a hand.

That sense of community is one positive thing that's come from all this. That and the fact that everyone we spoke with has insurance. The tough part for some is paying up front to replace thousands of dollars worth of appliances and belongings.

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