Amid cleanup from two days of heavy rain, Fairfield hit yet again


FAIRFIELD, N.Y. (WKTV) - The last thing the town of Fairfield in Herkimer County needs is more rain, but that is exactly what they got Tuesday afternoon as contractors worked to clean up after Sunday's torrential downpour of 3-5 inches of rain within a couple of hours.

Culverts that were empty Tuesday morning looked like fast-flowing streams by Tuesday afternoon as heavy equipment operators worked to clear away giant rocks that used to be roads.

The force of the water took chunks out of streets with parts of Route 169, Rasbach and Lynch Roads closed Tuesday. Since they are largely alone in their suffering, Town Supervisor Hank Crofoot fears the Town of Fairfield will be alone in paying for their recovery as well.

"I don't expect federal aid because the county and the state have not declared an emergency," he said. "Unless we have more problems or other people have problems, which I don't wish on any of them, I don't even see the state declaring an emergency here. So we'll have to swallow hard and pay for it, that's all."

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