Beat the heat, check your back seat!


When temperatures climb into the 80s, it only takes ten minutes for your car to reach 100 degrees.

Imagine how fast a car heats up on a day like Wednesday, where temperatures are in the low 90s.

Meteorologists Bill Kardas and Jill Reale decided to put the heat to the test Tuesday and placed some cookie dough on a baking sheet and placed it on the dashboard of a car in the WKTV parking lot.

Within 20 minutes, the temperature inside the car rose to at least 140 degrees (the thermometer only goes up to 140, so it could have been even hotter), warm enough to bake cookies. After only a few hours, the cookies were ready.

If it is hot enough inside your car for cookies to bake, it is hot enough to be dangerous for children and pets.

On average, 38 children die each year from heat-related deaths after being trapped in a hot car. Also, do not forget about your pets. They also can succumb to heat exhaustion and death.

Remember, "beat the heat, check your back seat."

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