Belongings, memories washed away in Van Hornesville flooding


VAN HORNESVILLE, N.Y. (WKTV) - Linda Kay, of Van Hornesville, woke to the smell of propane on Friday morning.

"I could hear a roar and I thought 'oh, i've got to warn everybody, must be that flood is coming'. I couldn't," she said. "I went to get off my porch and move my vehicle, it was too late."

Too much rain caused Otsquago Creek, a normally peaceful waterway enjoyed by those living along its banks, to rush Route 80, buckling sidewalks and carving gaping holes in the road.

Stark Town Supervisor Richard Bronner is frustrated by all the rain.

"This 100 year flood, this is the third one in 7 years," Bronner said.

Bronner says they're getting progressively worse.

"We've lost bridges, we've lost roads, we've lost a couple houses completely". Many people have lost their whole life. What they've worked their whole lives to attain, now it's just swept under the bridge, taken away by a wall of water," he said, adding that, while he's hoping for federal aid to clean up the mess in his town, no amount of money will replace what the people here have lost.

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