Binghamton dealing with historic flooding

By WKTV News

BINGHAMTON, N.Y. (WKTV) - Some 20,000 people are still being forced to stay away from their homes in and around the Binghamton area in Broome County.

NEWSChannel 2 chatted with Binghamton resident Jason Fiume Friday morning on NEWSChannel 2 at Daybreak. He explained how nearly every street leading into downtown Binghamton is closed off.  Fiume said this flooding is worse than the "Flood of '06".

Officials said overnight there was a ban on any travel in the city and that is still the case Friday morning.

The Associated Press reports during the height of the flooding Thursday a school district just outside Binghamton had to hold children and staff in school because so many roads in the district were flooded and closed.

Heavy rain from the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee moved through the region Wednesday and caused the Susquehanna River to overflow its banks.

Binghamton Mayor Matt Ryan tells the AP the city is seeing its worst ever flooding since the flood walls were built early in the 1900s.

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